-Graffiti Artwork-

-Graffiti Artwork-

BLUE GRAFFITI: A commissioned ‘graffiti’  work I did for a newly wed couple’s new home. It has both their names incorporated into the design, with the style and colours they requested.
Size: 2meters in width, hand painted, spray painted and ink pen applied onto canvas.

PINK GRAFFITI: A commissioned ‘graffiti’ work I did for a 21st (inspired by graffiti artists work they liked). The background texture is a coarse sand sprinkled onto a layer of thick textured glue. Once dried I applied the layers of paint and ink drawing.

-Graffiti art is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I enjoyed the challenge… I am more of an abstract illustrator. So get in touch if there is something you want for that special space!

*All artworks are crafted by myself*

  • Date August 23, 2015
  • Tags Art & print